Friday, October 31, 2014

Porkins Great Game: Episode #2 - Crisis in the Caucasus and Mysterious Crashes

On this edition of Porkins Great Game, Pearse Redmond and I discuss briefly the appointment of Jens Stoltenberg as new Secretary General of NATO before we move on to the conflicts brewing in the Caucasus region. We talk about the significance of this month's suicide bombing in the Chechen capital Grozny as well as Russia's "attempt to annex" Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia. Later we also take a look at the mysterious crashes of Total CEO Christophe de Margerie and Press TV reporter Serena Shim before we close out with a humorous look at CIA (and Gladio B) operative Graham Fuller’s futile attempts to change his public image by way of the Huffington Post.

Quick note: We now have a brand new logo for the show that was created by Pearse's sister and Porkins Policy Review contributor, Emma Redmond. If you want to check out more of her work please visit Red House.

You can find more information on this episode on Pearse Redmond's website where you can also download the MP3 file:

Show notes:
NATO chief:
New NATO Chief Stoltenberg Brings Russia Ties To Job
NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg And His Top-Secret KGB Past
NATO can put troops wherever it wants, new secretary-general says
Russia says not optimistic over new NATO chief’s remarks

Grozny bombing:
The New Great Game Round-Up #69 – Terrorist Attack In Chechen Capital Spells Trouble For Russia
Who Was Behind The Grozny Suicide Bombing?
Reported Killing Of Organizer Of Grozny Suicide Bombing Lacks Credibility
Islamic State Grooms Chechen Fighters Against Putin
Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen Leader With a $5M Islamic State Bounty on his Head
Chechen leader says Islamic State on western secret services’ payroll
Report: Chechens ‘Negative’ About IS In Syria

The New Great Game Round-Up #70 – Russian Warnings Fall On Deaf Ears In Georgia
Russia to Pocket Abkhazia?
The New Great Game Round-Up #71 – Georgia Freaking Out Over Russia’s “Attempt To Annex” Abkhazia
De Facto Abkhaz Leader Risks Being Hoist With His Own Petard

Christophe de Margerie:
Anti-Petrodollar Oil CEO Dies in Freak Plane Crash – #NewWorldNextWeek
Heads roll in Russia as more details emerge of Total crash
Vnukovo Airport General Director, Deputy Director Resign After Fatal Moscow Plane Crash
Kaczynski Catastrophe Investigator to Lead Total CEO Jet Crash Probe
Episode 250 – Crashes of Convenience: PLF 101
Russia Loses Oil Ally in De Margerie After Moscow Crash
Total’s de Margerie Sees No Need for Dollars in Oil Purchases
Putin Slams US $9 Billion Fine Against French BNP As “Blackmail” For Russian Warship Deal

Serena Shim:
Turkey accuses PressTV correspondent of spying
Press TV reporter in Turkey killed in suspicious car accident
The Death of a Reporter
Lebanese- American reporter’s camerawoman ‘sole culprit’ in car crash
The New Great Game Round-Up #35 – Turkey: NGOs, Al-Qaeda & Erdogan
Turkey’s pivotal role in Syria’s insurgency (Serena Shim report)

BFP Exclusive: Turkish Power Struggle Impedes NATO’s Campaign in Syria

Graham Fuller:
The EyeOpener – Who is Graham Fuller
September 1999: CIA Analyst Suggests US Use Muslims to Further US Interests in Central Asia
Embracing Assad Is a Better Strategy for the U.S. Than Supporting the Least Bad Jihadis
C.I.A. Study of Covert Aid Fueled Skepticism About Helping Syrian Rebels
Porkins Policy Radio episode 1 – Boston Bombing and the CIA Connection

Terrence Parker- “Candyman” (TP’s sweet vocal mix)
Terrence Parker- “Something Here” (Cerky Cakes edit)