Monday, December 1, 2014

Porkins Great Game: Episode #3 - Afghan Withdrawal, Kyrgyz Maidan & Trouble in Georgia

On this edition of Porkins Great Game, Pearse Redmond and I talk all things Afghanistan: the booming opium production, Turkmenistan's invasion, NATO's "withdrawal" and China's growing role in the war-torn country. We also examine the possibility of a Euromaidan-style color revolution in Kyrgyzstan and the sacking of Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Alasania, which caused a great stir in Brussels and Washington.

You can find more information on this episode on Pearse Redmond's website where you can also download the MP3 file:

Show notes:
Opium production:
Opium harvest in Afghanistan reaches record levels after troop withdrawal
What did $7 billion spent on opium eradication in Afghanistan buy? More opium.
Interview 610 – Sibel Edmonds on Gladio Protected Drug Running and Money Laundering
Russia Claims IS Supplying Half Of All Afghan Heroin Coming To Europe

Turkmenistan’s invasion:
The New Great Game Round-Up #43 – Turkmenistan Boosts Defense Against Taliban
The New Great Game Round-Up #54 – Turkmen-Afghan Border Sees More Violence
The Islamic Movement Of Uzbekistan: An Evolving Threat
The New Great Game Round-Up #67 – Turkmenistan “Invades” NATO’s Narco-Criminal State Afghanistan

So-called withdrawal from Afghanistan:
Obama plans to end U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan by 2016
When 9,800 Doesn’t Equal 9,800
In a Shift, Obama Extends U.S. Role in Afghan Combat
US legacy of rogues in Afghanistan
Local police selling weapons and ammunition to Taliban
Afghanistan Quietly Lifts Ban on Nighttime Raids

China’s growing role:
The New Great Game Round-Up #73 – China, Afghanistan Herald Start Of New Era Of Cooperation
The New Great Game Round-Up #75 – China Sets Out To Bring Peace To Afghanistan, Xinjiang
The New Great Game Round-Up #61 – Taliban Welcome China’s Involvement in Afghanistan
China mulls new law to deploy counter-terrorism troops abroad


The New Great Game Round-Up #71 – Kyrgyzstan Targets U.S. NGOs Amid Fears Of Kyrgyz Maidan
Party of Regions MP Tsariov accuses US Embassy in Ukraine of training revolutionaries for street protests
Ukraine presidential candidates attacked in Kiev
Ukrainian oligarch puts $1 million bounty on opponent’s head – audio recording
The New Great Game Round-Up #74 – CSTO Alarmed At NGO Activities As Soros Visits Krygyzstan
The New Great Game Round-Up #76 – Soros’ Visit A Bad Omen As Kyrgyzstan Prepares To Join EEU

Sacking of Georgian DM Alasania:
The New Great Game Round-Up #74 – Georgia On Euro-Atlantic Course Despite Government Shake-Up
RFE/RLive: Georgia’s Political Crisis
The New Great Game Round-Up #76 – Georgia’s “Pro-Russian” Government Continues NATO Integration

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