Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Porkins Great Game: Episode #6 - Kadyrov-FSB Turf War

On this edition of Porkins Great Game, Pearse Redmond and I focus on the assassination of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov and the ensuing turf war between Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov and Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB). We also take a look at the Georgia-Ukraine connection and the recent attempt by former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili to launch a Maidan in Tbilisi. Afterwards, Pearse and I explain what has been going on the Turkmen-Afghan border lately and how Obama's decision to slow the U.S. "withdrawal" affects the Afghan peace talks. We end this episode with an update on the latest shenanigans of journalist/freedom fighter/CIA agent/filmmaker Matthew VanDyke.

You can find more information on this episode on Pearse Redmond's website where you can also download the MP3 file:

Show notes:
Nemtsov assassination:
Boris Nemtsov: Death of a Russian Liberal
Media Portrays Nemtsov as “The Driving Force of Russia’s Opposition Movement”, but His Approval Rating Was Near 1%

Turf war Kadyrov-FSB:
Adam Delimkhanov
Boris Nemtsov murder: Chechen chief Kadyrov confirms link to prime suspect
Lawyer Claims Main Suspect in Nemtsov Killing Has Alibi
The New Great Game Round-Up #89 – Nemtsov Killing Sparks Turf War Between FSB & Kadyrov
Khasavyurt Mayor refuses to start polemics with Ramzan Kadyrov
“Kommersant”: ICRF orders to find Ruslan Geremeev for questioning about Nemtsov’s murder

Meet the Georgian Regime in Kiev
The New Great Game Round-Up #86 – Ukraine To Conquer “The Whole Of Russia” Using Georgian Experience
The New Great Game Round-Up #88 – Kiev’s Preference For Georgians Strains Georgian-Ukrainian Relations
PM Says Too Preoccupied with Domestic Affairs to Visit Ukraine Now
Ukraine Rejects Georgia’s Request for Extradition of Saakashvili

Saakashvili’s Maidan:
The New Great Game Round-Up #90 – Saakashvili Launches Maidan To Topple Georgian Government
NATO Envoy: Pace of Implementation of Substantial Package with Georgia ‘Very Good’

Turkmen-Afghan border:
Militant Melting Pot: Extremists Flourish South Of Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan Mobilizes Military Against ISIS Threat
The New Great Game Round-Up #91 – Turkmenistan Looking For Help To Defend Afghan Border

US withdrawal from Afghanistan:
The New Great Game Round-Up #91 – Obama’s Decision To Slow Withdrawal Undermines Afghan Peace Talks
China held rounds of Taliban talks – Afghanistan’s Abdullah
Exclusive – Secret meetings in Pakistan expose obstacles to Afghan peace talks

Porkins Policy Radio ep. 19 Matthew VanDyke: The CIA’s Favorite Mercenary
Friend of Journalists Beheaded by the Islamic State Fighting Back Against the Terrorist Group in a Big Way
Nineveh Plain Protection Units
Matthew VanDyke no longer involved with NPU
NPU official statement on VanDyke

Delia Derbyshire – Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO
Delia Derbyshire – Air