Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Porkins Great Game: Episode #8 - Proxy War in Transnistria

On this edition of Porkins Great Game, Pearse Redmond and I discuss the appointment of former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili as governor of Ukraine's Odessa region and how this ties in with recent developments surrounding the pro-Russian breakaway region of Transnistria. We also take a look at the European Games in Azerbaijan and OMV's plans to build a 'Russian Nabucco' before we move on to Afghanistan. Pearse and I discuss what has been going on in northern Afghanistan recently and explain why the rivalry between the Taliban and ISIS spells more trouble for the war-torn country. We close out this month's episode with two weird terrorism stories involving Tajikistan's OMON commander, ISIS, "Syrian rebels" and British intelligence agencies.

You can find more information on this episode on Pearse Redmond's website http://porkinspolicyreview.wordpress.com/ where you can also download the MP3 file:

Show Notes:
Saakashvili’s appointment in Odessa:
The New Great Game Round-Up #97 – Saakashvili’s Appointment Spells More Trouble For Transnistria
The New Great Game Round-Up #99 – Poroshenko & Saakashvili Open Another Front In Ukrainian Conflict 

Georgia’s ex-official becomes Odessa police chief
Saakashvili Gets Down To Business In Odesa

Azerbaijan – European Games, Russian Nabucco:
The New Great Game Round-Up #98 – Aliyev Regime Not Interested In “Western Democracy”, Kicks Out OSCE
The New Great Game Round-Up #99 – New Pipeline Projects Leave “Land Of Fire” Out In The Cold
OMV bastelt eine russische Nabucco-Pipeline (German)
Die Presse: OMV May Be Planning ‘Russian Nabucco’ Gas Pipeline

Afghan spillover:
The New Great Game Round-Up #96 – Tajikistan, CSTO Prepare For Afghan Spillover
The New Great Game Round-Up #98 – Afghan Spillover High On The Agenda During CSTO, SCO Meetings
Qatar Secures Release Of Taliban-Held Tajikistani Border Guards

Afghan peace talks:
The New Great Game Round-Up #97 – Renewed Hope For Afghan Peace Talks

Taliban vs. ISIS:
The New Great Game Round-Up #95 – Taliban Trying To Match ISIS Brutality As Both Groups Clash
The New Great Game Round-Up #99 – Iran Backs Taliban To Counter U.S., ISIS In Afghanistan

Weird terrorism stories:
The New Great Game Round-Up #97 – Tajikistan’s War On Islam Backfires As OMON Commander Joins ISIS
Terror trial collapses after fears of deep embarrassment to security services