Thursday, July 21, 2016

Porkins Great Game: Episode #15 - Turkey Coup Special

On this special episode of Porkins Great Game, Pearse Redmond and I talk about the recent coup attempt in Turkey. We lay out the timeline of events on July 15 and explain why the coup failed before offering our take on the various theories floating around about what really happened that night. Pearse and I also touch upon the interesting aftermath and discuss how this might affect Turkey's role in the U.S.-NATO alliance and its position on the global chessboard.

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Show notes:
Why Turkey’s coup didn’t stand a chance

What went wrong with Turkey's WhatsApp coup (published after recording) 
Military coup was well planned and very nearly succeeded, say Turkish officials
Turkish F-16 patrolling the skies near Ankara could be tracked online
Exclusive: all the details about the air ops and aerial battle over Turkey during the military coup to depose Erdogan
Top officers at Incirlik Air Base arrested in Turkey coup attempt

Turkish Military’s Influence Rises Again  
There’s more to Turkey’s failed coup than meets the eye

Saudi Whistleblower Discloses Saudi Deputy Prince’s Major Role in Turkey Coup
Saudis Al Jubeir Accused of Invovlement in Turkish Coup Attempt by Former Qatari Emir
Pro-West generals plotted coup to overthrow Erdoğan: Kadyrov
Turkish pilots who downed Russian jet part of coup plot: Official
Porkins Great Game episode 13 Fetullah Gulen Lives!
Fethullah Gülen’s role in the shooting of the Russian jet
Eurasian bloc in Turkey: Erdoğan and the Kemalists against Gülen and the US
Turkey requests extradition of cleric from U.S. as post-coup purge widens 

Turkish president says other countries may be involved (published after recording)