Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Porkins Great Game: Episode #13 - Fethullah Gülen Lives

On this episode of Porkins Great Game, Pearse Redmond and I focus on the recent Four-Day War in Nagorno-Karabakh. We briefly go over the history of the conflict before taking a closer look at the latest escalation and the various regional and global actors that could be pulled into the conflict. In our second segment we continue our discussion on the ongoing fight between Turkey and Russia, which plays out in Syria and elsewhere. Pearse and I talk about Fethullah Gülen's motivations for entering the stage, Turkish-Russian spy games and Alparslan Çelik's role in a possible rapprochement between Moscow and Ankara. We finish off this segment with the recent clashes between Kurds and Turkish nationalists in Germany. After giving a final farewell to our favorite Georgian jihadist, Tarkhan Batirashvili aka Omar al-Shishani, Pearse and I close out this month's episode by taking a look at the Panama Papers. 

You can find more information on this episode on Pearse Redmond's website http://porkinspolicyreview.wordpress.com/ where you can also download the MP3 file: https://porkinspolicyreview.com/2016/05/09/porkins-great-game-episode-13-fetullah-gulen-lives/

Show Notes:
All-Out War Over Karabakh Is No One’s Interest
Armenia-backed forces report 97 dead in Nagorno-Karabakh fighting
Russia set to continue arms supplies to Azerbaijan and Armenia — official
Report: Israeli-made Suicide Drone Used in Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
Azeri Defense Ministry Plane Landed Twice in Israel During Fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh
Azerbaijani Soldiers Execute Elderly Armenian Couple in Artsakh; Then Cut Off Their Ears
Karabakh conflict: Azerbaijani soldiers behead Ezidi from Armenia

Turkey-Russia conflict:
No “Turkish trace” in Russian plane crash over Egypt — Russian security service
Russia PM warns foreign offensive in Syria could spark ‘world war’
Would Russia Use Nukes to Defend Khmeimim?
Putin vs. Erdogan: NATO Concerned over Possible Russia-Turkey Hostilities
Why Turkey is losing hope in Syrian border town of Azaz
Syrian rebels say reinforcements get free passage via Turkey
Gülen unveils his anti-Turkey stance once again
Fethullah Gülen’s role in the shooting of the Russian jet
First Turkey-Russia meeting after jet incident

Turkey arrests ‘Russian pilot killer’ & ‘Russian spies’:

Alleged killer of Russian jet pilot detained on fraud charges
Alleged killer of Russian jet pilot pens letter to Russia from prison

Turkish court says insufficient evidence against suspected killer of Russian pilot (Published after recording) 
Two ‘Russian spies’ caught in Istanbul
Murder in Istanbul: Kremlin’s hand suspected in shooting of Chechen
Russian detained in Istanbul for plotting to assassinate Chechen dissidents

Turkish-Kurdish conflict in Germany:
Kurdish PKK Confront Pro-Turkey Protesters in Germany
Germany fears return of Turkish-Kurdish violence on its soil

Death of Omar al-Shishani:
Top ISIS leader ‘critically injured’ in U.S. airstrike, activists say
IS group commander Shishani ‘clinically dead:’ monitor
Special Forces in Rojava – TTG
Obama sends more Special Forces to Syria in fight against IS
Islamic State Leader Omar al-Shishani Fought Under U.S. Umbrella as Late as 2013
Charles Lister comments on Palmyra

Panama Papers:
What I Learned From the Panama Papers
The One Sentence Summary of the Panama Papers
Panama says will adopt international tax reporting standards by 2018: media
Swiss banker whistleblower: CIA behind Panama Papers
Armenia: Panama Papers Prompts Official’s Resignation
Panama Papers book (German)
Congress for Cultural Freedom
Heinrich Boell and Co: “Drinking CIA Brandies”
German documentary on the Cultural Cold War

Skee-Lo – I Wish